We don't have the need to fail on climate crisis

Dominik Philipp is certain, we automatically act sustainably if we respond to our needs. Anja Koller spoke to him about the challenge of designing today’s architecture for tomorrow, about creating flexibility for construction and use and why no other material can keep up with wood in terms of precision.

A conversation about updating buildings, networking and the flexibility of wood.

This article first appeared on on 22 February 2023. Dominik Philipp was interviewed by Anja Koller, Editor Sustainable Design and Construction.


The Timber Roof of the TUM Campus in Munich

With a roof area of 22,000 m2 and built with 5200 m3 of construction timber, the TUM Campus is one of Europe's biggest timber structures. Its trademark is the 150 m wide roof with a cantilever of nearly 19 m and consisting of 40 prefabricated hollow box girders.

The TUM Campus is the greatest construction project developed in Munich's Olympiapark since the 1972 Olympics. The overall concept of the building and the sports facilities spanning 20 ha was developed by the landscape planners Balliana-Schubert and the architects Helmut Dietrich und Much Untertrifaller (MU). Konrad Merz, Gordian Kley (GK) and Bertram Käppeler (BK) of merz kley partner were responsible for the structural engineering.

This article was published in DETAIL Magazin, 05 2023.