Rubina Multifunctional building, Regensburg (DE)
New building

Client: City of Regensburg
Location: D-93047 Regensburg, Rudolf Vogt Straße
Architecture: Dietrich Untertrifaller
Competition: 2018, 1. prize
Construction: 2019 – 2020
Area: 2,215 m²
Programme: Kindergarten and crèche, energy education centre, offices, STEM research rooms for children and young people

Photos: David Matthiessen

Peter Nußbaumer, Josef Piroddi, Manuela Türtscher

Text: Gerlinde Jüttner

General contractor: Georg Reisch, Bad Saulgau
Statics: Merz Kley Partner, Dornbirn
Building services: Holger Greiner & Partner, Immenstaad
Landscape: Mahl Gebhard Konzepte, Munich

A house for energy and environmental education

The "Rubina" multifunctional building on the site of the former Nibelungen barracks in Regensburg is a new centre for the care and education of young people. The complex is divided into two square buildings. Surrounded by spacious outdoor areas, they stand freely on a shared platform and allow views of the surrounding greenery.

The first building houses the energy education centre, offices for the energy agency and scientific rooms for MINT for Kids. The second houses a kindergarten. Rubina is an acronym for Regensburg, Umwelt, Bildung, Innovation und Nachhaltigkeit (Regensburg, Environment, Education, Innovation and Sustainability) and its facilities absolutely live up to this name.

The plain Energy Education Centre

The Energy Education Centre is the more mature of the two buildings. Its simple horizontal structure and the exterior façade made of wood and glass convey a sense of practicality and vision. The multifunctional foyer can be separated from the lecture theatre by a mobile partition wall, making it an ideal event location.

The playful Kindergarten

The kindergarten in the eastern building presents a more playful image. The green framework of the façade and the roof garden simultaneously convey a sense of security and transparency. The building is accessed centrally from the west via the sheltered courtyard.

The interiors are bright, compact and clearly laid out, with natural, untreated materials that contribute to the cosy atmosphere of the children's house.

The light-flooded staircase provides access to the versatile exhibition rooms in the basement, the laboratories for school classes on the first floor and the offices of the energy agency on the second floor.

Thanks to its simple structure and openness, the building is easy to use and can be flexibly adapted to changing space requirements. Natural wooden surfaces and a sustainable energy concept ensure the best operating conditions and a high quality of stay.

The surrounding balcony is overgrown with climbing plants, which also serve as a sun and privacy screen and change the exterior appearance of the house as the seasons change.

Site plan
Floor plan L0
Floor plan L1

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