House DUE, Bad Wiessee (DE)
New building

Client: Private
Location: D-83707 Bad Wiessee
Architecture: Dietrich Untertrifaller
Construction: 2012 – 2014
Area: 489 m²
Programme: Wooden holiday home, pile construction on the lakeshore

Photos: Bruno Klomfar

Björn Diehl, Rafael Grups (Project management), Günther Prechter

Statics: Merz Kley Partner, Dornbirn
Building services: Emrich, Wörthsee
Electrics: Haffner, Gmund
Building physics: Weithas, Hard
Landscape: Schelle, Bad Endorf


Pile dwelling on the lakeshore

The lakeside property on Lake Tegernsee is regularly flooded. We therefore built the holiday home as a pile dwelling, placing it in the age-old tradition of rural construction on the water. Lightness, low height development and the emphasis on the horizontal are reminiscent of the typology of boat and fishermen's houses.

Local silver fir was mainly used for the timber construction. The natural ground surface was largely retained. Only for the installation of piles and for the underground plant room selective interventions in the subsoil were necessary.

In between are recessed façade sections whose generous glazing provides natural light for the central hallway.

Five room groups

The single-storey house is divided into five groups of rooms, each of which stands out from the outside as a "body": Workshop, children's room, living room, parents' area, garage. Their façades consist of horizontal solid wood panelling with an untreated surface and floor-to-ceiling windows with wooden frames.

A wooden walkway runs around the house, widening into a terrace on the lake side. The pitched roof completely covers this "living platform" and shades it with large overhangs on the eaves and gable ends.

Floor plan L0

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