Medical centre, Appenzell (CH)
New building

Client: Aedificium Appenzell AG
Location: CH-9050 Appenzell, Sandgrube 27
Architecture: Dietrich Untertrifaller Stäheli
Construction: 2013 – 2014
Area: 1,750 m²
Programme: Medical practices, medical cosmetics studio and 4 buildings

Photos: Bruno Klomfar

Alessio Fossati, Andreas Jäger, Christoph Maroske, Thomas Mitterer-Kuhn (Project management)

Statics: Wälli, Herisau
Building services: Ökoplan, Gossau
Electrics: Marquart, Altstätten
Building physics: Studer-Stauss, St. Gallen

Ambulatory care behind the wooden curtain

The medical centre in the heart of Appenzell houses two GP practices as well as treatment rooms for chiropractic, physiotherapy, gynaecology and psychotherapy. The three-storey, almost square building is visible from afar on the local road. The reinforced concrete structure is only revealed on the ground floor; the upper floors are clad with larch wood slats. They are not just a formal element; they hang like a curtain in front of the façade and protect against prying eyes and the sun.

The top floor with four flats is set back several times to make room for the terraces. The cantilevered upper floors on the street side form a sheltered entrance along the glass façade of the internal pharmacy. The building complies with the “Minergie” standard, the Swiss building standard for comfort, efficiency and climate protection.

The surgeries and treatment rooms are grouped around the generously dimensioned, open-plan reception and waiting area on the first floor.

Treatment rooms with a view

An atrium brings daylight into the building. A bed-compatible lift and a staircase connect the medical areas between the floors.

The break balcony invites to relax.

Floor plan L0
Floor plan L1

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