Kindergarten & Music rehearsal room, Egg (AT)
New building

Client: Municipality of Egg
Location: A-6863 Egg, Pfister 825
Architecture: Dietrich Untertrifaller
Competition: 2002
Construction: 2003 – 2004
Area: 1.022 m²
Programme: Kindergarten and Music rehearsal rooml

Photos: Bruno Klomfar

Doris Gruber, Herbert Greber

Statics timber: Merz Kaufmann, Dornbirn / Statics concrete: Plankl, Bregenz / Electrical: Meusburger, Bezau / Building services: e-plus, Egg / Building physics: Weithas, Hard / Acoustics: Brüstle, Dornbirn / Site management: Dragaschnig, Schwarzenberg

2004 Holzbaupreis Vorarlberg

The Egg kindergarten to the south of the village centre defines the west side of the square. It opens up to the south towards the play garden, while a protective wall shields the children from the car park traffic. In addition to the kindergarten, the two-storey wooden building also houses a rehearsal room for the local choir and brass band, thus enriching village life. Reinforced concrete and wood, clarity and permeability are materials and characteristics that convey a feel-good atmosphere.

On the ground floor, two group rooms with their own cloakrooms are arranged along a central corridor. The strong frame structure shades the south-facing glass fronts. Forming a portal, it generously spans the access route and clearly assigns it to the kindergarten. Side rooms, a group room and a movement room are located to the north. The playrooms are lined with birch plywood, which forms a warm background. The corridor walls are made of exposed concrete as a contrast.

The upper floor, just under half the size of the ground floor, projects eastwards over the access path and screens the entrances. It contains a small foyer and the rehearsal room for the local choir and brass band. The absorption properties of the birch plywood wall and ceiling elements and the rough-sawn silver fir boards on the floor were adapted to the specific acoustic requirements of a rehearsal room. A wide strip of windows in the north illuminates the large room, but does not allow it to be heated by the sun.

Floor plan L0
Floor plan L1