Hypo Zacherlhaus, Vienna (AT)
Continue building, Historic preservation

Client: Vorarlberger Landes-  und Hypothekenbank
Standort: A-1010 Vienna, Wildpretmarkt 2-4, Brandstätte 6
Architecture: Dietrich Untertrifaller
Construction: 2015 / 2023
Area: 1,770 m²
Programme: Customer hall, offices, technical rooms, roof terrace

Photos: Kurt Hoerbst, Bruno Klomfar

Franca Bierich, Harald Eder (Project management), Andreas Laimer, Catharina Maul (Project management), Dominik Philipp, Nikolaus Skorpik

Statics: KS Ingenieure, Vienna
Building services: Klimaplan, Bregenz
Electrics: Freunschlag, Linz
Building physics: IBO, Vienna
Fire protection: Hoyer, Vienna

Respectful conversion of a listed building

The Zacherlhaus, designed by Otto Wagner's student Josef Plečnik, is one of the most important Viennese architectural monuments of the early 20th century. The conversion of the listed building into a bank branch required extensive interventions on six floors – from technical rooms in the basement to the customer hall on the ground floor and offices on four floors. In addition, the roof terrace on the rotunda was made accessible for the first time and can now be used for events.

In 2023, the customer hall needed to be extended. We converted the adjoining corner premises, which had previously housed a shop, in the same design. This gives Hypo Vorarlberg a somewhat broader presence on the street and more urgently needed space.

An architectural jewel inside and out

Plečnik chose grey, polished granite slabs for the façade. The artistically designed, cantilevered roof cornice is remarkable. Insect-like lighting fixtures in the oval staircase and the archangel Michael, the conqueror of unclean spirits, on the façade refer to the insect powder with which the Zacherl family became rich. Inside, we have created an aesthetically sophisticated ambience for customers and employees on six floors.

The square coffered panelling of the main staircase served as inspiration for the wood panelling in the counter hall.

The timelessly elegant customer hall

The centrepiece is of course the customer hall on the ground floor, whose design responds with timeless elegance, high-quality materials and a subtle structural reaction to the existing qualities of the Plecnik building.
Two spacious office floors accommodate most of the workstations and breathe the spirit of the turn of the century before last without sacrificing contemporary comfort.

The staircase breaks through the interior like an angular, polygonal sculpture made of wood and steel.

The reversible internal staircase

At the only point where the rented areas from the basement to the first floor overlap, a new internal staircase with a square floor plan was added to provide quick access to the customer hall with the consulting rooms on the mezzanine and first floor as well as the vault in the basement. It is reversible in terms of monument protection and with a view to subsequent reutilisation.

The roof terrace on the rotunda was made accessible for the first time and can now be used for events.

Floor plan L0
Floor plan L1

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