Elementary school Christian-Bucher-Gasse, Vienna (AT)
New building, Continue building, Refurbishment

Client: City of Vienna
Location: A-1210 Vienna, Christian Bucher Gasse 14
Architecture: Dietrich Untertrifaller with Schluder Architektur
Competition: 2014, 1. prize
Construction: 2016 – 2018
Area: 4,830 m²
Programme: 17 additional classes, gym, gymnastics hall, leisure classes, media and work rooms, canteen

Photos: Kurt Hoerbst

Ulrike Bale-Gabriel, Clemens Holzhuber, Andreas Laimer, Axel Laimer-Liedtke (Project management), Catharina Maul, Dominik Philipp, Gordon Selbach

General contractor: Porr, Vienna
Statics, building physics: RWT Plus, Vienna
Building services, electrics: Immo-Objekttechnik, Vienna
Landscape: Carla Lo, Vienna


  • Wienwood 21, Award

Wooden schools, also in Vienna

The architectural concept for the Christian Bucher-Gasse primary school combines the existing 1950s building with the new buildings to create a harmonious, functional school complex with a large, sheltered inner courtyard.

By building 17 additional classrooms, a gym, a gymnastics hall, leisure classes, media and work rooms as well as a canteen, we were able to increase the number of pupils by a third to 425 children. The construction work was carried out in four phases without interrupting school operations

The new building was one of the first schools in Vienna to be constructed predominantly from wood.

Gymnastics hall covers the entrance

The façade has a varied structure with horizontally and vertically laid spruce slats and wide ribbon windows. The generous glazing on the ground floor brings daylight into the interior and lends lightness and transparency to the compact structure. The green flat roof creates a pleasant microclimate and reduces heat radiation. To the east, the gymnastics hall cantilevers over the forecourt and covers the entrance

The old gymnasium was converted into a dining and event hall.

Gym on the upper floor

Access to the school is via the north wing, which houses administration rooms and cloakrooms on the ground floor, with the new two-storey gym and gymnastics hall above. This positioning allows for clear, circular circulation on the ground floor, which connects the existing and new buildings without barriers. The new gym works also as event location.

Generous glazings provide daylight and offer views into the courtyard.

Construction during ongoing operations

In the first two construction phases, a new two-storey building with 15 classes, a library and the school kitchen was erected on the west side of the school. The existing building to the north-west was demolished. A three-storey administration and sports wing, which was realised in the third phase, adjoins it at right angles on the north side. Finally, the existing school was renovated and the old gymnasium was converted into a dining and event hall.

The wooden staircase also invites you to relax.

Floor plan L0

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